A reflection on how my mother and i raised our children

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All about my mother: ‘It’s amazing what the living expect of the dying'

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Reflection on our own family – is it nurturing ? Here are my reflections on mine.

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Is a Child's Behavior Always a Reflection of His Parents?

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We met that day. Likely were lot richer and older tradition in Belfast which I only came to think much later. what a moving post! You have such a talent to express these subtle and sometimes contradictory feelings we, mothers, have with our children.

Though I am the mother of two boys (the only girl we have is our lab – absolutey spoilt) I can relate to each of your words. Is a Child's Behavior Always a Reflection of His Parents?

our children will turn out okay.

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If we're bad parents, well: They won't. fearing the worst: What sort of mother is she? Can't she. A Reflection Upon My Childhood Upbringing Parenting styles can have a large influence on adult lives. In this paper, I will discuss the parenting style applied to me by my mother, and the effect it has had upon me in later years.

Raised in the Protestant religion, I did not even know guardian angels existed. I first learned about them when I married my Catholic husband and raised our children in the Catholic faith. Eventually I converted, but I never really thought I had my own guardian angel.

One recent evening, we discovered our night out coincided with the anniversary of my mother’s death and Susan’s mother’s birthday. We raised our glasses and said, “To Bonnie and Lenora.”. After all, they are supposed to be our role models, right?

Reflection on our own family – is it nurturing ? Here are my reflections on mine.

So, it should come to no surprise that as we matured we would become more like one of our parents we idolized. But the truth is, we are all a reflection of our mother no matter our gender. I have four brothers. They are all very different in their own rights, but also are alike.

Father’s reflection, mother’s renewed hope, transformation

Their similarities are .

A reflection on how my mother and i raised our children
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